Top Ways to Eliminate Claims during Construction Process

The industry of construction is considered highly volatile, owing to the complex nature of projects. The industry is flourishing rapidly in the nuke and corner of the world. It is evident from the fact construction market of the UAE is expected to reach 5.5 percent over the period forecast 2019-2024. Essentially, a growth in projects leads to the growth in complexities. Therefore, the ratio of disputing claims is also on a rise.

Nevertheless, the contractors, as well as the project owners, should consider eliminating the probability of misunderstandings and disputes to complete the projects successfully. It can be done by adopting a proactive approach from the very start of the project.

However, it is not possible to eradicate the probability of conflicts. So, when it happens, be brave and go for effective negotiations. A strict adherence to standardized procedures under the supervision of experienced quantum expert can help you resolve tricky issues in projects.

Lastly, don’t forget to set up realistic expectations while contracting a construction projects because the work is full of sea-saw owing to the presence of internal and external influencing factors!

Top Ways to Eliminate Claims during Construction Process

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